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About Our Company

At BOSS Realty & Appraisal Services, our real estate appraisers strive to provide the best real estate appraisals. Our appraisal services include:

• Real Estate Appraisers for Expert Witness Testimony
• Appraisals for Trusts, Divorces, Estates, Probates, & Taxation Issues
• Appraisals for PMI Removal & Complete Property Valuation

We Work with Everyone

• Homeowners
• Mortgage Companies

• Banks

• Relocation Companies
• Savings & Loans

• Governmental Agencies
• Credit Unions

Why Us?

Knowledgeable real estate appraisers know when property values will rise or decline because they study real estate market conditions. Our real estate appraisers have the expertise to help you estimate the value of your home. Our appraisals help you ensure that your home is priced correctly to sell. An overpriced home can sit on the market for a year or more. An underpriced home may sell quickly, but for potentially far less money that it is actually worth.

PMI Removal Specialists

Determine if you can remove your PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) or lower your property taxes with our help. With the data in an appraisal report rendered by certified real estate appraisers, a mortgage company will most often remove PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) with little trouble if your equity position has increased.

During these trying economic times, you may be successful in lessening the burden of property taxes if your value has substantially declined in recent years. Hiring an appraiser to find out if your property qualifies is the first step in removing PMI or lowering your taxes.

Contact us in Lakeport, California, to request a service for our accurate real estate appraisals.