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Appraisal Services in Lakeport, California

Boss Realty & Appraisal Services isn't coming to your home to find things that are wrong. We're coming to your property to disclose real market value. Determine the true value of a home you're selling or buying with detailed appraisal services from our company in Lakeport, California.

Pre-Inspection Work for Sellers

If there is something you don't wish us to see, take care of it before we arrive. We work for the lender, attorney, or appraisal management company, and so we it's our responsibility to provide data on everything we see. You usually have plenty of time to prepare for our inspection of your home's interior and exterior.

Real Estate, Appraisal Services in Lakeport, CA

What We Provide Our Clients

• Pictures of All Sides of the Property's Improvements
• Pictures of All Interior Rooms
• Pictures of Any Value-Influencing Feature (Negative or Positive)
• Pictures of the Crawlspace & of the Attic Space
• A Complete Narrative in the Comment Section Detailing Our Observation

Helpful Hints for a Successful Inspection

1. Ensure trash cans, bicycles, excess vehicles, debris, and similar items are put away or out of sight.
2. Make sure all rooms are accessible, beds are made, and sinks are empty.
3. Keep garage doors closed.
4. Secure your dogs. Even if your appraisers love animals, they don't appreciate being jumped on, having their car door scratched, or being bitten.
5. Lower toilet seats and lids. You'd be amazed at how many pictures of open toilets arrive at your lender's desk each day.

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